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luutifa gustafla code, design https://gustafla.space
kallok luks music https://kallok.net


2022 - Assembly - Chelidonura

This widescreen demo was the result of learning wgpu. Also submitted prs to a new rocket library. First time doing deferred rendering and shadow mapping etc proper engine nerd things. And I think it kinda shows ;D So in other words, it's still a coder demo as always. And a pretty bloated one at that.

2017 - Assembly - dmprty

A demo for the Raspberry Pi (original model B). I wish I had titled it "Going Down" or any other better name.

2015 - Assembly - The Future

A demo for the Raspberry Pi (original model B). Somehow this demo got a bunch of attention, perhaps the compo wasn't very competitive that year. It has some nice scenes but the "end part" coder colors aren't great at all.

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